Helicopter Equipment

The Helicopter Search & Rescue Technician (HSART) mission is a coordinated combination of multi-million-dollar helicopters and rescue swimmers, working together to accomplish the same mission. It takes the pairing of highly specialized training and equipment to safely accomplish missions in the worst of conditions.

HSART members are issued personal safety and flight equipment for a range of different environments and situations, to include:

  • Dry suits
  • Flight suits
  • Specialized radio and communications equipment
  • Integrated flotation and harness setups
  • Swim fins and masks

While this equipment is issued to each HSART member, there is also specialized equipment that is issued to each rescue helicopter that includes items like:

  • United States Coast Guard (USCG) rescue basket
  • Rescue strops
  • Medical supplies
  • Technical rescue equipment to help remove victims that might be trapped in flooded vehicles