Thank you for your interest in applying to TX-TF1. To be eligible to apply to TX-TF1. applicants must live within a 3-hour drive time of College Station.  Applicants interested in being on the Region 3 team must reside in Region 3.  The application period for most positions is June 1 to July 31 each year. Please note:  Applications for Medical Team Manger (doctors) and Structural Specialists (engineers) are accepted year-round.

For more information, see below for FEMA General Requirements and position specific descriptions. In some cases, not all certificates are attainable prior to being admitted onto the team, but should be utilized as a guideline for the requirements of each position.

The Prospective Applicants FAQ document provides helpful information for those who are interested in applying to the Task Force.

FEMA General Requirements
Employer Fact Sheet


Canine Search Specialist – View Requirements

Communications Specialist – View Requirements

Hazardous Materials Specialist – View Requirements

Heavy Equipment and Rigging Specialist – View Requirements

Logistics Specialist – View Requirements

Medical Specialist – View Requirements

Medical Team Manager – View Requirements

Rescue Specialist – View Requirements

Structural Specialist – View Requirements

Technical Information Specialist – View Requirements

Technical Search Specialist – View Requirements

We adhere to the National US&R Response System position description qualifications and general requirements for each position. As such, we encourage all interested personnel to look at the requirements for the position they are interested in AND the FEMA General Requirements when preparing their application. Any applicable certifications should be submitted with the application. Please note that FEMA classes are not available to personnel not currently rostered on a Task Force.